Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is a Neti Pot

To put it very simplistically, a neti pot is a device, that looks rather like a child's toy teapot used to wash or irrigate your nose. If you like a longer explanation, you can read up this link about Neti Pot from Wikipedia which will explain the functions and history of Neti Pot in greater detail.

There are many videos on YouTube to show you how to use a Neti Pot but I have selected this one, not because of the commercial or because I recommend this brand of Neti Pot but rather because it shows the recommended exercises one should do after using the Neti Pot. I find that whatever Neti Pot you choose to use, the results will be same, ie. cleansing of your nose. To me, it does not matter what brand or what type of material your Neti Pot is made up of.

I find that quite often, there is some water remaining within the sinuses after using the Neti Pot. Doing some exercises which required bending over and turning your head from side to side will eliminate this slight discomfort. It is not a discomfort really because you don't really feel the water in there but doing these exercises will get the water flowing right out. You will be surprised by it.

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