Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Types of Neti Pot

I have a very sensitive nose. Each morning when I wake up, I would sneeze several times. Dust makes me sneeze and changes in temperature makes me sneeze. When I go into an air conditioned room from the hot sun I would sneeze and when I go out from a cold room to the hot sun I would sneeze. It is a terrible thing. Quite often, I would see people trying to avoid me because they think I have the cold. I don't have the cold.

My sensitive nose is not seasonal. It is all round the year. I suffer from chronic nose congestion all through the year. I think they call it  allergic rhinitis. The best treatment for me so far are nasal corticosteroid sprays. However, these are temporary. As soon as I stop the sprays, my problem would persist.

I tried nasal irrigation using saline solution because I read that it would help. Then I found out about Neti Pots. Basically Neti Pots are a form of nasal irrigation. It just makes it easier to clean the nose, that is all. Neti Pots have been around for a long time.

What are Neti Pots made from?
Neti Pots can be made from different materials. However, they all basically look like a small teapot with a spout.

Here is a picture of a plastic Neti Pot. 

Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Nonbreakable

Here is a Ceramic Neti Pot

Himalayan Institute Neti Pot Ceramic

Stainless Steel Neti Pot for Sinus Congestion (Ayurvedic JalNeti)

And here is a Copper Neti Pot.

Copper Jalneti (Nasal Cleansing) Pot for Naturally Cleanses, Refreshes, and Protects the Nasal Passages

As you can see, the Neti Pots come in various shapes, materials and designs. I don't think it matters very much which material it is made from. They all have the same function. It is up to your personal preference. I am using plastic because it is  light and non-breakable.

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