Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My First Time Drinking Wheat Grass Juice

Recently my husband bought 4 packets of wheatgrass from an organic store. We had been juicing celeries, broccoli and other greens for some time now and we found that it has improved our family health. 

Since it is my first time drinking wheat grass juice, I didn't know how much wheat grass to use. I decided to use two packets.

I didn't know how much juice the two packets would yield. I had read that if you are drinking wheat grass for the first time, you should go slow by taking a shot of 1 ounce of juice at first.

Our two packets of wheat grass was one big bowl after washing. We used our regular juicer to make the wheat grass. I didn't want to use my blender as I would have to sieve it afterwards. However, it did make my juicer rattle and shake! I removed some of the wheat grass that was stuck around the edges and then it was okay after that. Phew! I thought that I had damaged my juicer.

At last, our shot of wheat grass was ready. It came up to more than I had expected. Each cup had over 2 ounces of juice in them. The two packets of wheat grass or one big bowl yielded about 4-5 ounces of wheat grass juice.

I remembered that I was supposed to start slow by drinking 1 ounce first since it was my first time drinking the wheat grass juice but I didn't want to throw the extra away. This is expensive grass!

So I drank my 2 ounces of wheat grass and within 5 minutes I was burping. In 10 minutes I felt bloated and slightly uncomfortable. Within half and hour I felt nausea and threw up. I drank green juice but vomitted black material. Grouse! That was my trial and error first time drinking wheat grass juice. Next time, I'll try one packet instead of two. I'm very brave to think of trying again after throwing up don't you think but then, there are two more packets of expensive wheat grass in my fridge....

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I didn't vomit because it tasted or smelt bad. In fact, it tasted rather sweet. The vomitting was an involuntary action completely.


I've taken the wheatgrass juice two more times after this. In 1oz shots and sipped slowly without problems. I used my regular juicer to make the juice but since the wheatgrass is very thin, it keeps on getting stuck at the sites causing my juicer to jam, make a loud vibrating noise and dance around (it literally jumped around my kitchen counter). Since then, I've tried to add celery to the juice to push the wheatgrass down the juicer which worked a little better. I'm still hunting for a Manual Wheatgrass Juicer at the moment.

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A Lim said...

Hi there,

Greetings. I came across your blog. As I just had my wheatgrass juice last night, it was terrible! I vomitted 4 times! I also juice 2 packets, organic type and I had all by myself.. Grouse! I think I dare not try again anymore... if I gonna have that kind of feeling. Even till today my stomach does not feel any good.. like the feeling of acid reflux.. OMG!

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