Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homegrown Spring Onion Omelette

spring onion flowers
Spring Onion Flowers
My Spring Onion Flowers have continued to bloom. They look so pretty. I can't believe they came from my plain red shallots. I wonder what will happen next. I am watching them closely.

I used these shallots to plant  my own spring onions
I used these shallots or small red onions to grow my own spring onions. They take about 2-3 weeks to grow mature enough for harvesting.

Spring Onion Omelette
Spring Onion Omelette
I used  my homegrown spring onions to cook spring onion omelette. They are very delicious.

My recipe for spring onion omelette:

  • 4 eggs
  • spring onion
  • carrot cut into strips
How to cook the spring onion omelette:
  • Add oil into pan
  • Pour in the 4 beaten eggs
  • When the egg looks almost cook but still runny, add in the spring onions and carrots
  • Flip over when the egg looks golden brown
  • Cook till the other side is golden brown
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Your Own Spring Onions

Growing your own spring onions is really fun and easy. All you have to do is cut off the tops of your shallots, then push it into the soil with the cut part exposed and then watch it grow, like magic! It is easy, clean and economical. A bunch of spring onions can cost quite a lot at the supermarket, especially the organically grown one.

My shallots took about a week to grow to this height and is ready for harvesting. Yay!

Growing Your Own Spring Onions

Harvested Spring Onions for garnishing in soups or adding to stir fries. Yum. Yum. You can still see the shallots, now with roots at the bottom.

My Spring Onions, all cleaned up and ready for cooking.

Those that I didn't harvest continued to grow into nice, pretty flowers to my surprise. I wonder what will happen next?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Pox Care - How To Reduce Itchiness And Diet Restrictions

When I when to see the doctor for Chicken Pox, I asked the doctor whether there was any diet restrictions for Chicken Pox, he said "None, however you may follow the believes of your race." Then he gave me some calamine lotion and pills to reduce itchiness and that was that.

I am Malaysian Chinese and as a Chinese we have many diet restrictions for all sorts of ailments. These are usually brought down by word of mouth from generation to generation. However, since my mom died when I was 10, I never learned any of these diet control methods from her and the secrets were not passed on to me. I am clueless on such things, so I had to ask around some friends and relatives including asking in a Facebook Mom's Group.

Here are the answers I got from them:

To reduce itchiness from Chicken Pox
  1. Use neem leaves to slowly caress or rub on body to reduce itchiness
  2. Bathe with warm salt water and apply salt to the pox to have less itchiness
  3. Calamine lotion although some say Calamine cream is better than the lotion and heals faster
  4. Collect neem leaves, wash them and pound them with some water to get a paste. When bathing, put the neem paste on the spots and leave them there for a while. Neem has a natural anti viral/fungal properties. Then rinse off the neem. You can read more about the benefits of neem leaves here.
Diet Restrictions for Chicken Pox 
  1. Drink lots of cooling herbal drinks and other cooling drinks especially coconut water to cool your body down
  2. Avoid dark soya sauce as it will leave black marks on  your body
  3. Avoid chinese chives as you may get chicken pox again if consumed
  4. Take lots of easy to digest food including lots of liquids, soups and smoothies especially if there are painful ulcers in the mouth
  5. Take lots of Multivitamins and Salmon Omega3 and water
  6. Take lots of Vitamin C and Wheatgrass powder and  anything that can boost the immune system
  7. Avoid eggs, chicken or prawns and certain kinds of fish that are considered "poisonous" or "bisa" (in Malay)
Did I follow these? All I can say is I lost all my appetite and didn't feel like eating anything so it was not a problem for me to avoid eggs, chicken or prawns etc because I didn't feel like eating at all! I drank lots of water and cooling coconut water because my lips were dry and cracked and I was thirsty all the time. 

I bathed twice a day because it so happens its the hot season here and sweating makes me more uncomfortable and itchy. After the bath, I would apply calamine lotion which was soothing.

If you are reading this, which part of the world are you from? Do you have any diet restrictions for Chicken Pox? 
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