Sunday, May 29, 2016

Its Okay To Declare A No-Diet Day

Weight: 150.4 pounds

This week started off really slow. Despite eating about just one quarter to half of what I normally eat each day, I was stuck at 151.6 till Wednesday. On Friday, I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary so I declared a No-Diet evening when we went out for dinner. I wanted to enjoy my dinner with cocktails and all. I didn't want to be salad picking and I think that's okay too. One does not have to be extremely rigid about the diet as long as you get back on track. The next day, I was back on track. Even the kids noticed the next day and said "Mom is back on her diet."

Despite that one No-Diet evening, I was happy to see the weight leaving the 151.6 station. Now 14++++ is within site. I'm so excited. Soon I can say bye bye to the 150s. The funny thing is it was so easy to move from 140s to 150s, I didn't even notice it. It happened in the blink of an eye. To reverse that is tough! I remember when I was 140, I told myself that I would reduce to 135 but then it was Christmas and Chinese New Year and one thing food led to another and soon I was at 155. Geez.

I could have done it if I had worked at it harder. Its not very hard to reduce 5 pounds. Now I have to reduce 20 because of letting myself go.

That's it for this week. Hope to leave 150s next week. Pin It

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weight Loss Journal Blog Update

I was hopeful to go below 150 pounds this week but alas .....

I started at 152 pounds from last week and did everything the same as I did in terms of food reduction. No more teas or snacks, no rice, and salads instead of full blown meals for meal replacements. I did not overdo it. Meal replacement would be only once a day, either lunch or dinner.

The lowest I went for the week was 150.2 pounds but all it took was my a birthday in the house and a slice of cake and eating out to slow me down. I skipped the rice too when eating out and exercised lots of self control too. Hmmm....

In terms of extra activities, I was very busy this week. I managed to go for my once a week 5km walk but other than that it was no go and I spent hours sitting instead of moving around. I downloaded an exercise app which I shall share next time as I only used it once this time round.

I've lost 3-4 pounds since I started 2 weeks ago but there's no sign of it yet. All the clothing are still tight and am still unable to get into many at this time. Double Boo Hoo.

That's all for this week. Not an encouraging week despite feeling hungry most of the week but I shall PERSEVERE. I can do it! AND I shall do it the natural way, without supplements or starving myself too much, slow and easy. Pin It

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weight Loss Diary - I Downloaded A Weight Loss Tracking App

I started on my weight loss journey last week with the goal to lose one pound a week. Let's see how I am doing. Last week I was 155 pounds. This week 153 pounds. Tadaa! It's been hard. I was hungry. I tried not to get too hungry though, eating slowly and taking snacks whenever I felt hungry. I had lots of salad, soups and shared foods of others so I won't overeat.

In terms of activity, I did more housework but not quite enough. At the moment, I take a 5km walk once a week but that is as far as I go in terms of exercise. My goal this week is to increase my activity.

The weight loss tracking app is called Fitter Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker. It is supposed to help you measure your BMI, BMR (whatever that is), Body Fat % & Waist to Hip Ratio. I don't care about all that. I only care about my weight loss. The rest will adjust itself.

There's this tracker page where I can key in my goal of 1 pound a week, my start weight and it will calculate how many days I will need to take to reach that goal. My target is 125 pounds. 125 is a tough target for me. I've never seem to be able to get below the 135 pounds barrier in recent years.

The weight tracking app says I will take 189 days to reach that target. Ooooohhh. There is a progress chart too. At the moment all I see is a straight downwards line. That's good. Down is good.

I've got the whole family in on this. I told the man "In a few month's time, you will have a cleaner house and a thinner wife" to which he quipped "a not so fat wife". Men!

My sisters said that I should cut out a picture of me wearing my wedding evening gown and paste it somewhere I can clearly see it frequently to motivate me. I told them I didn't need that. Walking pass the mirror and seeing the me now is enough to motivate me!

My son said "Mom, I am surprised you don't feel stressed". "Stressed about what?" I asked him. "Stressed about preparing food but not eating it. This was said after I laid out the subway sandwiches and cookies for them for lunch. The thing about dieting is, it is harder for someone who has to prepare 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner for the family. Especially the tea part where I sometimes bake muffins or prepare pancakes with ice-cream and fruit. No snacking while cooking. That's hard! These days I just prepare marmite toast or garlic bread for them for tea.

I've been telling my kids to organize their school bags so they don't have to carry all that extra weight to school each day and here I am with extra baggage stuck to me which I carry around all day! Tsk! Tsk! That weight is not good for my knees, my back and my heart plus overall health. Better do something about it before a health scare.

My brother in law showed me the iphone health app which shows that I walk about 10,000 steps on Saturday and just 1000 steps on other days.

I was thinking of buying myself a dress I like in a smaller size and working towards wearing it but I don't need to do that really. There's plenty in the closet waiting for me to fit into them again. I'll do the buying part as a reward later on.

That's my weight loss journal for this week. Next week, I start anew at 152 pounds.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Start Of My Weight Loss Journey

Yesterday was 8th of May 2016. It was Mother's Day and the day I officially declare as the start of my weight loss journey. I will be 50 next month and I weigh 155 pounds. My target is to lose 1 pound a week up to 20 pounds. I am writing this down publicly so that I will not waiver.

At 155 pounds and at 50, I feel the effects of my weight. A little of activity makes me sweat a lot. I am hot, tired, lethargic and my bones creak in the morning or when I sit in the same position for some time. I also have pulse, pant when I walk up the stairs and a wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit. When I go shopping, its hard to find clothes that fit. It seems that nice clothes are only made for thin people. So, I can only admire clothes, not wear them.

I have gone on a slow weight loss journey about 2 years after my second child, losing 10 pounds in 6 months. This time my target is higher. Well, you aim high so that if you fall short, you still lose. I will adjust it later if I find it too hard.

My weight seems to increase by 10 pounds for each decade. In my teens I was 105 pounds. In my 20s, I was 115 pounds, in my 30s, 125 pounds, in my 40s 135 pounds. In my early 40s, I went up to 145  pounds which was my highest at the time and it was 2 years after my second child. I managed to lose it and went down to 135 pounds and it stayed that way but now, I'm headed towards my 50s starting at 155 pounds. I have ballooned. It must be due to inactivity or sedentary lifestyle, lower metabolistic rate and menopause.

I remember during my previous diet, I felt hungry quite often. It was hard. This time, when I feel hungry, I may take small snacks of fruit, vegetables or a small cup of cereal. Otherwise it will be hard to keep up and not good for the body.

I often look around at the other women around me and I realize that many are a lot fitter and in better shape than me. I have gone over the edge to the other side.

I'm going to document my weight loss journey here as a reference for myself. I actually started 2-3 days before the 8th by watching and being mindful of everything I eat. One meal a day may be replaced by salads. No more eating the teas that I prepare for my family and eating less of everything else that I like. I will also increase my activity by doing more housework for a start. Instead of losing, I actually gained 2 pounds going from 153 to 155 pounds. I am not disheartened. I will just have to keep at it. Sometimes our weight fluctuates by 1 or 2 pounds due to water weight etc.

Strangely eating less makes the food more tasty and enjoyable. That's it for today. Pin It
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