Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adult Chicken Pox

All those things they say about adult chicken pox being harder on adults than kids are true. I am 45. I have chicken pox. I guess that means I qualify as an adult with chicken pox. I got it from my daughter who had breakthrough chicken pox. She had it easy. She was given 4 days of time off from school. Add in the weekend and she had 6 days off. After the first 2-3 days of fever and cough, the rest of the days was like a holiday for her. If not for the fact that she had to quarantine herself, she was almost enjoying her time off from school. Breakthrough chicken pox is chicken pox in someone who has had the chicken pox vaccination. She has had one jab and we missed the booster one. What a big mistake that was!

I have it much tougher than her being an adult with chicken pox

  • I had high fever for 4-5 days.
  • My face, neck and upper torso was covered in chicken pox. They looked like harmless mosquito bites at first, and then into the more sinister looking blister like rash and finally turning almost black before crusting over and falling off. 
  • I was extremely tired and lost all my appetite
  • My stomach felt bloated and full even though I had eaten nothing accept medication.
  • I felt nausea like I was having morning sickness
I was given anti-viral Aciclovir (if taken within 24 hours of the first rash would help reduce the severity. It won't kill the virus but it may reduce it from multiplying). I think it was too late for me but I took them all the same. I also took antibiotics for any secondary infection plus cough and fever medication and anti-itch medication. Anti-itch, Anti-biotic, Anti-viral. My stomach was anti-food at the time. The medication made me feel even more sick!

I bathed twice a day, then gently pat the pox dry before applying calamine lotion all over and lay down aahhhhh to rest. 

They say that having chicken pox as an adult is tough. Yes, it is. I felt terribly sick but the worse part was.....

there was no one to look after me! No one to give me my medication, no one to sponge down my fever or give me cooling baths or make cooling drinks for me or warm food. No one to help me apply the calamine lotion in the hard to reach places like my back. Plus, I had to quarantine myself from touching the family which was hard especially with the little boy saying "Just one hug, mummy. Not even one touch?" Then he would run around and try to accidentally touch me. Oh, how I do miss hugging my family!

In addition to having no one to look after me, I still had to look after the house and the family. That was the toughest part about having chicken pox as an adult mum!
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Ruth Cox said...

So sorry you were infected with the chicken pox! Sorrier still that you had no one who could give you a bit of tender love and care! I have not had the chicken pox yet and sure do not want to get them at my stage of age!

Mumsgather said...

Oh Ruth, I so wanted some TLC. I guess you can tell, huh. lol.

Real Life Deals said...

Yuck! Hate that you had to deal with that! I had chicken pox as a kid and hope to not get to experiecne the adult version. Glad you're feeling better finally!

Ann I Am said...

I remember being pretty sick with them as a kid and ling around. I an glad your daughter wasn't too bad, but so sorry you were. It is not fun being sick when you are a mom, especially that sick! I am glad you are better now. Don't forget to,get your shingles vaccine when you are old enough. I understand it is horrible!

Beth said...

Oh my! I can't imagine having them as an adult~they were bad enough when I was little. Glad you're on the mend. Talk to your doctor about the shingles vaccination because having chicken pox will make you more susceptible.

Mumsgather said...

Real Life Deals, The kid version is definitely better. :)

Mumsgather said...

Ann I Am, Yes, I had just recovered from a bout of virus which I got from my son just before this. I was quite sick for two weeks, well for one day and then fell sick again with chicken pox. *Rolls eyes*

Mumsgather said...

Thanks for the reminder about the shingles vaccination.

Arya Rudra 39 said...

tough to handle alone! am 45. pretty sure I have chicken pox. live alone. so will be a real test of strength. pray for me all you kind hearted folks.

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