Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Changed Water Filter Media

Recently my water smelled funny. I thought it smelled of an overdose of chlorine. I called the water filter man in and he thought me how to check the level of water filter in my water. He got me a bottle of chlorine checker from a fish or aquarium shop. The smell was very strong. I could smell it even when drinking a cup of hot cocoa made with boiling water. Even all my little guppy fishes died!

We are not sure what was the cause of the strange smell in our water. However, after consultation with the man, we decided to change the water filter media anyway since it was almost two years since we last changed it. They had to cut our water pipes.

Cut Water Pipes

The water pipe has been cut before two years ago when we changed the water filter media previously. This is the advisable period or time to change the water filter media. I wonder how many more cuts they can make to the pipe. There doesn’t seem to be much more space for any more cuts and joints.

Water Filter Pipes

The pipe was fixed very closely to the wall. The man had difficulty cutting it from his cutter, so he brought in a saw. After changing the water filter media, he re-joined the pipes and waited for a while for it to dry before doing a back wash. The process took about an hour in all.

Water Filter media

This is the water filter media. We have to change it once in two years. The man takes out the old media, cleans out the container, then pours all of this media into the container before sealing it.

He advised us to do a back wash once a week. That is how often we have to do a back wash with the water filter. Perhaps we had not done it often enough in the past.

After we changed the water filter media the strange smell in my water is gone. So maybe it was the water filter after all.

Having good, clean water is very important to our family. It is all part of our journey towards finding, achieving and hopefully maintaining good health.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Should I get a Food Detoxifier

The other day when I was at the Mall, I stopped by a counter selling a Food Detoxifier. I was intrigued because I do a lot of juicing so we eat a lot of raw fruits. My worry is accidentally eating contaminated fruits and vegetables since we don’t cook them. My kids drink the fruit and vegetable juices too so it makes me even more conscious about the cleanliness of the vegetables.

The guy manning the booth showed us how the Food Detoxifier turns water into an oxygen-rich environment for cleaning food. He also demonstrated how food coloring is removed by going through this food detoxifier water cycle.

I am quite interested to find out more about this Food Detoxifier. However, I will not purchase it just yet. It is expensive but price aside, I must first research the safety of its use. I wish someone who has it will leave a comment to tell me more about it because recently the water in my house smells funny.

I think the chlorine in it is high. I can smell it even after the water is boiled and even when I make a hot chocolate to drink. Even all my little guppy fishes died. That is why I am concerned and looking on ways to improve the water in my house. In fact, today, the water filter man is coming to change my filter. The other day he came to check my water and bought us a small bottle of liquid for checking the level of chlorine in the water. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

I hope that the water will improve after today.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Year End Health Checks and Family Dental Check-Up

Usually at the end of the year, we would have a little bit of unclaimed monies for medical and health checks. That is a good thing because it forces us to actually make that appointment for a health check. It is also the time when we have more time as the children are on school holidays and the man has some leave to clear. We include dental checks as part of our health check too.

So each year, I would go for a pap smear, a breast examination and get the gynaecologist to do a blood test for me too. This year’s blood test was ok. Last year I was on the borderline for my cholesterol and it has gotten worst so she advised me to be careful with my diet. No fried stuff and eat less meat. I had a Hepatitis A jab and will go back for another one in 6 months. Otherwise, I passed my health tests.

As for our dental checks, the small one had been complaining to me about his toothache on and off for some time. I thought it was just new permanent teeth replacing his milk teeth but one morning he woke up with a swollen cheek. The dentist told me that he had a filling gone bad and I didn’t even know he had a filling!

The filling had been done at school during a school dental check. The boy did mention about the school dental check but I thought he was talking about scaling and general cleaning. Next time, I must remember to take a torchlight and peer into his mouth to do an inspection myself.

As it is, he had to visit the dentist 4 times to resolve that. We’re still not done yet with the dental visits. The first time was to take antibiotics. The second time was to remove the old filling and put in a medicated one. The third time is to put in a temporary filling and the fourth is to put in a new permanent filling. All this for his milk teeth.

When we asked the dentist why not just pull it out? She said that the teeth still has a good few more years to go before it is replaced by a permanent tooth so she prefers not to pull it out yet so that his permanent teeth will grow nicely in  position in the future.

As for the girl, she advises her to go for and orthodontist visit because her front teeth are beginning to jut out. This is a result of her having an opposite bite previously and how her permanent teeth came in at the back of her milk teeth in the past.

I am glad we have done our medical tests and everything is ok so far. Medical Checks is the one thing I don’t look forward to at the end of the year but it is very necessary for our well being and health.

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