Friday, July 1, 2016

No Weight Loss This Week

No weight loss to report this week.

I started the week at 146 pounds. This week I was careless with my diet. Its not that I binged or anything like that. I still ate little but I did not eat VERY little. By mid week, I had gained 3 pounds erasing my 10 pound weight loss. Gosh! It is so difficult to lose weight but so easy to gain it!

So by mid week, I quickly filled my fridge with lots of greens and resorted or went back to eating grass salads and finally, I lost back the 3 pounds so I am back to square 1 at 146 by the end of the week.

When losing weight, it is important to track it or else it is too easy to gain back what you lost so easily.

That's all for this week. Until next week, it is onward and upwards, I mean downwards..... Pin It


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