Friday, June 24, 2016

Eating Out On A Diet

Weight This Week: 146 pounds.

It was not easy to keep up to the 1 pound a week loss this week. Old habits keep on coming back. Especially weekend eating habits.

When on a diet, weekend and eating out is the toughest.

I find that one of the ways to do it is either to order and super scrumptious salad like the one in the picture or share what everyone else is eating. Don't order a full portion unless it is a salad.

Hmmm... the salad was really gooood. It had kale and some peanut sauce. Ok, peanut sauce isn't all that fantastic but everything in moderation is ok. To me dieting means eating everything in moderation and reducing everything slowly. Dieting does not mean depriving yourself. When you deprive yourself, you feel a yearning which may easily backfire. So don't deprive yourself. Order the most delicious, nicest looking and scrumptious salad in the house. If you are one who likes some crunch in your salads, add seeds and nuts. Oh.  Yummy! Enjoy your food and still lose weight. That salad I ordered when eating out on a diet had crunchy kale, purple cabbages, carrots, sesame seeds and nuts and some green colored beans, I'm not sure what type of beans. I am so going to make this on my own soon.

I must work on my bad weekend eating habits too. That's my biggest problem at the moment. Pin It


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