Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weight Loss Diary - I Downloaded A Weight Loss Tracking App

I started on my weight loss journey last week with the goal to lose one pound a week. Let's see how I am doing. Last week I was 155 pounds. This week 153 pounds. Tadaa! It's been hard. I was hungry. I tried not to get too hungry though, eating slowly and taking snacks whenever I felt hungry. I had lots of salad, soups and shared foods of others so I won't overeat.

In terms of activity, I did more housework but not quite enough. At the moment, I take a 5km walk once a week but that is as far as I go in terms of exercise. My goal this week is to increase my activity.

The weight loss tracking app is called Fitter Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker. It is supposed to help you measure your BMI, BMR (whatever that is), Body Fat % & Waist to Hip Ratio. I don't care about all that. I only care about my weight loss. The rest will adjust itself.

There's this tracker page where I can key in my goal of 1 pound a week, my start weight and it will calculate how many days I will need to take to reach that goal. My target is 125 pounds. 125 is a tough target for me. I've never seem to be able to get below the 135 pounds barrier in recent years.

The weight tracking app says I will take 189 days to reach that target. Ooooohhh. There is a progress chart too. At the moment all I see is a straight downwards line. That's good. Down is good.

I've got the whole family in on this. I told the man "In a few month's time, you will have a cleaner house and a thinner wife" to which he quipped "a not so fat wife". Men!

My sisters said that I should cut out a picture of me wearing my wedding evening gown and paste it somewhere I can clearly see it frequently to motivate me. I told them I didn't need that. Walking pass the mirror and seeing the me now is enough to motivate me!

My son said "Mom, I am surprised you don't feel stressed". "Stressed about what?" I asked him. "Stressed about preparing food but not eating it. This was said after I laid out the subway sandwiches and cookies for them for lunch. The thing about dieting is, it is harder for someone who has to prepare 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner for the family. Especially the tea part where I sometimes bake muffins or prepare pancakes with ice-cream and fruit. No snacking while cooking. That's hard! These days I just prepare marmite toast or garlic bread for them for tea.

I've been telling my kids to organize their school bags so they don't have to carry all that extra weight to school each day and here I am with extra baggage stuck to me which I carry around all day! Tsk! Tsk! That weight is not good for my knees, my back and my heart plus overall health. Better do something about it before a health scare.

My brother in law showed me the iphone health app which shows that I walk about 10,000 steps on Saturday and just 1000 steps on other days.

I was thinking of buying myself a dress I like in a smaller size and working towards wearing it but I don't need to do that really. There's plenty in the closet waiting for me to fit into them again. I'll do the buying part as a reward later on.

That's my weight loss journal for this week. Next week, I start anew at 152 pounds.

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