Monday, March 26, 2012

Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

Healthy Snack For Kids
Health Snack for Kids Combo 1

The kids had this for tea yesterday. So what's this? It's a healthy quick and easy snack idea for kids. Here's what you can put in your healthy snack for kids.

1. Colorful Fruits - Bananas, Strawberries, Kiwis are great individually or as a combo including all three.
2. Cereals - Cornflakes and other cereals
3. Nuts - Wallnuts, Cashews or any other nuts
4. Seeds - Sunflower seeds and other seeds are lovely

Healthy Snack For Kids
Healthy Snack for Kids Combo 2

The colorful fruits satisfy the sweet cravings and are nice to look at. Cereals add a bit of crunch without deep frying. Nuts add flavour and texture. Put them all in a bowl as a combo meal for kids. This combo snack for kids is quick and easy to prepare. Serve with hot cocoa and you're done.

Vary your items 1,2,3 and 4 around and you'll get variety, color and excitement to your healthy snack for kids.

Our Healthy Snack for Kids Combo One consist of Strawberries, Walnuts and Cornflakes while our Healthy Snack for Kids Combo Two consist of Bananas and chocolate based cereal. You can add milk or soya milk to your own Healthy Snacks for kids if you like but my kids prefer to eat it dry and crunchy. Pin It


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