Monday, August 18, 2014

Low Carb Diet What To Eat For Lunch And Dinner

My husband has requested for me to prepare him low carb or no carb food for his meals so this question of Low Carb Diet What To Eat For Lunch And Dinner or rather What To Cook For Lunch And Dinner is very much on my mind right now.

We're starting on this low carb diet today, for a week first to see how we feel. So for a start, I made chicken stew for lunch today served with coleslaw, plain water and half a mango. I love chicken stew or braised chicken or chicken caserole. They're so easy to prepare.

Today, I browned the chicken meat, then I added carrots, celery, baby corn, onions, garlic. For taste, I added a couple of bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and cardamom seeds. This was left to stew over low fire for an hour. I served my husband the chicken with coleslaw. As for my son, he got to eat his stew with potatoes and pasta.

 For dinner, I will cook diced chicken with onions, baby corn, carrots and cashew nuts. I will serve this with stir fried broccoli and cauliflower. The kids will eat this with rice. We will forgo the rice.

Tomorrow... well, tomorrow is another day to crack my head over what to cook. Maybe this time I will arm myself with my camera to make this record more fun and memorable for ourselves. :) Pin It


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