Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chemotherapy and Radiology Treatment For Cancer

Previously I had thought that chemotherapy treatment was like doing an x-ray and you will have to stand and get rays shone on you or something. Quite unknowledgeable but that was the picture image I had in my mind of a chemotherapy treatment.

My mother had chemo treatment but that was years ago and I was a young child so I did not know how a chemo treatment was.

Now that my sister has breast cancer, I realize that chemo treatment is given intravenously. My sister has to go to hospital, lie down on the bed for several hours and get the chemo treatment intravenously. It makes her lose her hair and she feels weak normally around 3 days after the treatment before feeling better again around the 5th day.

Her last session is at the end of this month. I hope that this time will pass quickly for sis. She was told that her hair will probably grow back and be back to normal again around 6 months after the last treatment.

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Abigail F Shipley said...

Cancer is termed deadly disease which happens due to uncontrollable cell growth which keep on multiplying and do not die. This uncontrollable cell growth leads to formation of tumor. There are more then 200 types of cancer a human can face. Cancer can be cured only when diagnosed in earlier stages. Treatment of cancer are radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

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