Monday, June 4, 2012

Homemade Fruit Juice Ice Lollies

It is so hot these days. The weather is humid and uncomfortable. An iced coke would certainly be thirst quenching but that is unhealthy. So what can we do? We can make homemade Fruit Juice Ice Lollies, that's what. We've been making ice lollies using Ribena and Milo. This time the kids wanted something different.

So we went to the fridge and took out two oranges. Then we squeezed out the juice, added a little water and a bit of honey and poured them into our ice lolly mold or ice lolly maker. Put them into the freezer and in a few hours, we have our homemade fruit juice ice lollies.

Instead of fruit juices, you can use yoghurt too for a different texture and taste and to offer variety.

Homemade Fruit Juice Ice Lollies are Delicious and healthy! 

 Squeeze two oranges, add water and honey and pour into ice lolly container

 Delicious and healthy orange juice lollies served with grapes

The ice lolly is perfect for hot days or summer

Homemade Fruit Juice Lollies are perfect for hot summer days!

These cute looking ice lolly molds take my breath away. They will be great for kids summer parties. Kids will be lining up for these homemade ice lollies using these adorable molds! My kids enjoy making the ice lollies themselves. It is fun to pour the juice into the lolly maker and take them out from the freezer a few hours later in frozen form. It is also the best and most delicious way to teach kids about the science of liquid and matter. 

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Family First said...

Oh! I just bought the ice lolly moulds last week from Bake with Yen!! Thot of doing the same too for Bryan .... darn hot la these days!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Can also use yoghurt and tastes like ice cream :)

Mumsgather said...

Family First, You will have great fun with it. Ours is overused! One of our holders broke because we were so impatient and wanted to pull it out after it was set. You have to wait till it melts a little before pulling it out from the mold so it is easier.

Health Freak,
Yes! I just thought of that too and added it into my post, then I saw your comment. Great minds! Hehe.

mom2ashley said...

we do this too with ribena - not as healthy as yours la :)

Mumsgather said...

mom2ashley, We do ours with Ribena too, and Milo... the kids just wanted something different this time. The orange gave it a nice tangy taste. Very cooling and nice. :)

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