Friday, September 9, 2016

Take Care of Your Teeth Now For a Healthier Tomorrow

Heading out to the dentist isn't the most exciting item on your to-do list, but it is a critical part of everyone's health. Your mouth isn't an isolated body part. In fact, infections that start in the gums can easily lead to cardiovascular issues and other ailments. Take good care of your teeth today, and you'll notice a healthier tomorrow.

Cleaning Importance

Many people believe that flossing and brushing their teeth is all that's necessary for good oral health. However, there's no substitute for a dentist's tools cleaning out the tartar and plaque every 6 months. Almost everyone will have some buildup of plaque regardless of their strict dental hygiene. Dentists will clean out this residue and take X-rays during the same appointment. These X-rays tell a deeper story about your gum-and-tooth health. Minor issues can be dealt with before major surgeries are even necessary. Without these frequent visits, your dental health can decline very rapidly.

Adding Implants

There are several situations that might arise that require a dental implant. Studies from the Implant Dentistry Journal show that sports and everyday accidents can contribute to tooth loss. Disease can also play a part, such as in your senior years. In these cases, you might require a crown, veneer or bridge. Today's dental technology is so advanced that implants are added with ease into your jawline. Unlike removable dentures, these implants work similarly to real teeth. Simply care for them with flossing and brushing, and they'll last for many years. 

Straightening Isn't Vain

Your dentist may also advise you to see an orthodontist. Straightening your teeth may seem like an aesthetic issue, but proper tooth alignment is critical to oral health. Crooked teeth tend to create unnatural crevices. Food particles become easily trapped in these areas where brushing and flossing cannot reach. As a result, you have a higher risk for dental problems. Consider some orthodontia treatment if your teeth tend to have cavities and other problems caused by the crooked angles. Your oral health will be easier to maintain after the treatment.

If you have lackluster dental coverage, most professionals offer some type of payment plan. Don't hesitate to ask about these plans because your health could depend on their use. Government resources might also be an option in some cases. In the end, you should have biyearly exams that clean up your teeth and gums for a healthier you. Pin It

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Which Steps Should I Take To Become A Healthier Person?

If the idea of leading a vibrant, disease-free life appeals to you, now is the time to get the health optimization process underway. You can start enhancing your level of physical and mental well-being now by utilizing some or all of the following wellness techniques: 

1. Diagnose And Eliminate All Diseases. 

Individuals who are serious about leading lives of profound wellness should make a point to identify and eliminate diseases from their bodies. Failing to do so can result in a wide range of long-standing physical and mental complications that shorten your life span and induce depression. The first step towards eliminating disease is accurately diagnosing the condition, and you can do so through the use of testing kits offered by companies like Diagnostic Automation. This organization offers a wide range of kits, including the CLIA test kits

2. Kick Dieting To The Curb. 

Another technique that you can implement to enhance your level of wellness is avoiding diets at all costs. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people are caught in the destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting. With this pattern, people go on diets, lose weight temporarily, and then return to a world of overeating that facilitates weight gain. They then start this cycle over. The end result is a severely damaged metabolism and the low self-esteem that results from feeling like you've failed. Diets almost never work, so be sure to kick them to the curb immediately! Instead of dieting, focus on finding healthy foods that you really enjoy eating and then make them a staple part of your meal plan. 

3. Exercise Regularly.

Although it may originally seem difficult to get into the habit of exercising regularly, individuals who do so often find themselves overwhelmingly pleased with the great physical and psychological results they receive from doing so. For example, people who work out regularly tend to experience improved digestion, better memory, enhanced metabolism, and sounder sleep. You can choose from a wide variety of physical activities when you begin to implement your fitness plan. Some of them include: 

• yoga 
• tae-bo
• swimming 
• cycling
• running
• weight-lifting

Don't Delay: Get Healthy Today! 
If you want to lead an extraordinarily rewarding life, getting healthy is a must. Luckily, there are numerous wellness systems you can implement to make great health manifest in your life. Utilize the information and strategies outlined above to get on the path to optimized wellness immediately! Pin It

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Next Phase In My Weight Loss Journey

It's been 11 weeks since I started on my lose one pound a week weight loss goal and I've lost 10 pounds so far. The past 3 weeks I saw a slow down as old habits crept in. Weekends are especially hard because I don't cook during weekends. We either go out or we eat takeout which usually adds up to a lot more food then when I cook.

So now I'm going to start with a new base. 145 pounds and I'm going on my next phase of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks. So, hopefully by end of September I would reach my new goal. This time I invited some online friends to join me to keep myself on my toes. Yup! Group support, encouragement and inspiration will help a lot. So that's what I will be doing.

I'm doing well so far, no hunger pangs (well, not too much), no pills, no artificial foods. Everything is natural and slowly but surely I will reach my goal. I'm looking at my calendar and thinking that if I keep at this, I will be able to buy myself a new pretty dress for Christmas this year. Yippee! Pin It

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

No weight loss to report this week but a weight gain! Now the weight is 147 pounds. Seems like 145 is illusive for now.

What is the excuse? Its school holidays and with the kids home, every time I make tea for them, I eat it too. Teas include piping hot pancakes with cold ice-cream to tease the palate. Help!

I even went and bought more salads to stock up the fridge but those teas! And to be honest, I ate normal meals too for some lunches and dinners. I've become lazy and lost some willpower.

I shall not be derailed from my goal! Chant 3 times and let's get back to it! Pin It

Friday, July 1, 2016

No Weight Loss This Week

No weight loss to report this week.

I started the week at 146 pounds. This week I was careless with my diet. Its not that I binged or anything like that. I still ate little but I did not eat VERY little. By mid week, I had gained 3 pounds erasing my 10 pound weight loss. Gosh! It is so difficult to lose weight but so easy to gain it!

So by mid week, I quickly filled my fridge with lots of greens and resorted or went back to eating grass salads and finally, I lost back the 3 pounds so I am back to square 1 at 146 by the end of the week.

When losing weight, it is important to track it or else it is too easy to gain back what you lost so easily.

That's all for this week. Until next week, it is onward and upwards, I mean downwards..... Pin It

Friday, June 24, 2016

Eating Out On A Diet

Weight This Week: 146 pounds.

It was not easy to keep up to the 1 pound a week loss this week. Old habits keep on coming back. Especially weekend eating habits.

When on a diet, weekend and eating out is the toughest.

I find that one of the ways to do it is either to order and super scrumptious salad like the one in the picture or share what everyone else is eating. Don't order a full portion unless it is a salad.

Hmmm... the salad was really gooood. It had kale and some peanut sauce. Ok, peanut sauce isn't all that fantastic but everything in moderation is ok. To me dieting means eating everything in moderation and reducing everything slowly. Dieting does not mean depriving yourself. When you deprive yourself, you feel a yearning which may easily backfire. So don't deprive yourself. Order the most delicious, nicest looking and scrumptious salad in the house. If you are one who likes some crunch in your salads, add seeds and nuts. Oh.  Yummy! Enjoy your food and still lose weight. That salad I ordered when eating out on a diet had crunchy kale, purple cabbages, carrots, sesame seeds and nuts and some green colored beans, I'm not sure what type of beans. I am so going to make this on my own soon.

I must work on my bad weekend eating habits too. That's my biggest problem at the moment. Pin It

Friday, June 17, 2016

Exercise Apps For My Weight Loss Journey

Time for my weekly update. Happy to report that the weight is still going down at 147 pounds. Not going to talk about me today but going to talk about the exercise or fitness apps I have on my phone.

There are many exercise apps available but currently I have 3 on my phone. They are Sworkit Pro, Tabata and Beach Body. Oh well, one can dream.

I'm not going to talk about them in detail (because I don't use it that much. Ahem! I know I really should because dieting alone won't speed up my weight loss. It has to be coupled with exercising.)

3 Fitness/Exercise Apps On My Phone

1. Sworkit Pro. I have the Pro version for free on one of those free days. Many apps give discounts or free promotions on certain days. I have an app that shows me the free daily apps so I got these for free when it was on promo. You can choose between stretching, yoga, cardio or strength training and set the timing for each session from 5 to 30 minutes. Its very flexible and you can have a full body workout. Just follow the trainer on the screen who will do the countdown and show you how its done.

2. Tabata is a high intensity 4 minute workout discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. You can try out the Tabata Lite app which is free to decide if this workout is for you. Tabata is great for time strapped people because its just 4 minutes of workout.

3. Beach Body - There are many Beach Body apps available, the one I have is the 4 Minute Beach Body app or Women's Tabata Workout. I don't use it much because the exercises seem hard with a lot of planking required. Oh well, if you want to have a beach perfect body, you gotta work for it! I should be deleting this one. Its too tough for me.

Want more workouts? Just go to google and search for fitness or exercise and fine tune your searching by going to "more" and "apps". There are just so many apps available these days, you can find an app for working any part of your body! Pin It
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